André Trigueiro | English Version

As of 1996, he has been a reporter and anchor for the flagship 10 PM newscast Jornal das Dez on Globo News, a cable TV channel, having covered the Sydney Olympics (2000), the Japan/South Korea (2002) and Germany (2006) Soccer World Cups, the 2004 USA Presidential campaign and the Copenhagen Summit (2009)

On Globo News, he has combined the roles of producer, script writer and anchor for several special feature series concerning social and environmental issues. His 2003 series ‘Water: the 21st century challenge’ (“Água: o desafio do século 21”) earned the Prêmio Imprensa Embratel de Televisão Award as well as the Prêmio Ethos – Responsabilidade Social – Social Responsibility Award. His 2005 series ‘Kyoto: the Protocol of Life’ (“Kioto: O protocolo da Vida”) was awarded “Hors Concours” status at the II Prêmio CEBDS de “Desenvolvimento Sustentável” CEBDS Prize. The 2005 series ‘New Energy for the World’ (“A nova energia do mundo”) won him the National Award Prêmio Nacional de Conservação e Uso Racional de Energia 2005 granted by Eletrobrás and Petrobras.

Trigueiro has interviewed a wide variety of prominent newsmakers, such as former Vice President Al Gore, Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, environmentalist Wangar Maathai and Achim Steiner, president of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

He is Chief Editor of the prestigious weekly program ‘Cities and Solutions’ (Cidades e Soluções), broadcast on Globo News since October 2006. This program highlights successful projects that sponsor wellbeing and the sustainable use of natural resources.

His achievements with ‘Cities and Solutions’ earned him the 2007 Ethos de Jornalismo Award in the TV category, as well as the following honors: 3º Prêmio ABCR de Jornalismo Award, Jury’s Special Choice Award for Media at the 3rd Edition of the CEBDS Prize (2007), the 2007 Prêmio Abrelpe de Reportagem Prize and the I Prêmio Microcamp de Jornalismo Prize for news broadcasting (2008).

He has also won the Prêmio Comunique-se Prize in the Sustainability Journalism category in 2007, 2009 and 2011.  Trigueiro won the 2008 Ethos de Jornalismo Prize for lifetime achievement in Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development (in the broadcasting category), the 2008 Abraciclo Prize and the 2008 Prêmio Urbanidade IAB/RJ Prize.

Trigueiro is a commentator on CBN Radio station (860 KHz), where since 2003 he anchors ‘Sustainable World’ (“Mundo Sustentável”) on Saturdays and Sundays, a show debating issues about the future of development and sustainability for Earth. He presided the Jury on both the VI and VII Editions of the Festival Internacional de Cinema e Vídeo Ambiental de Goiás , an international  Video and Film Festival focusing on environmental issues.

In 2008 André Trigueiro was awarded the Medalha de Mérito Pedro Ernesto Medal, the highest honor bequeathed by Rio de Janeiro’s Municipal Government.